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Our small team incorporates over 25 years of experience in the coating industry. From Marketing and Branding to Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Sales. This unique mix allows us to look at your situation from all angles and find the most efficient solution for your Coating or Paint business.

Top Level Domains

Quality premium coating and paint domains are lead generators and brand enhancers for your business. We have an enviable portfolio with authoritative and memorable Top Level Domains available for purchase. We also offer domain brokerage (acquisitions), consulting and naming services.

Problem Based Domain Names

The way people search the internet has changed. No longer look you up by your familiar name, or even by your product or service: they Google the problem they need solved. Domain names that describe the problem you solve are therefore important assets. Take a look at our broad portfolio and be inspired!


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This is what our domain broker service offers

Help you purchase, acquire or rent a premium coating domain: we help you to acquire unique, elegant, and memorable online identities that clearly express your mission, business, brand, and personality in the world of paint and coating. A great coating/paint keyword domain could be the perfect investment to get your business in the prime position to be seen by customers.

Consulting and naming: it all starts with a name! We help you to identify the right name for your company or brand. Our creative team will curate a list of highly identifiable and recognizable (globally) names that are easy to spell and highly memorable. All names include a matching URL and a complimentary Logo Design to build an amazing brand quickly.

Participating in developing your brand/product: do you want tailormade attention and a unique top level domain? Then UPPERHEAD is for you. Together with you we will participate in developing a top level domain from scratch to your wants and needs. We will not only provide you with data but also with our personal offline expertise in the world of coatings. We will orchestrate the entire process from launching the website to servicing the leads to you.

Domain selection

Digital assets that offer global opportunities – Overview of domains available for purchase.

Outside the house

From, to; find your domain for every coating and paint outside the house.

Inside the house

It’s possible to acquire, and many more domains today!

Around the house, and many more. Find your coating or paint domain for objects around the house.


Interested in the potential of, and many more functional coatings?

Inspired by nature

Inspired by names like or Find your perfect top level domain.


From to and many more. Find your speciality coating domain.