As an independent coating agency we can connect you with experts, manufacturers and great minds. We will coach you with our personal online and offline expertise in the world of coatings so you can launch your product/brand with great succes in the Benelux.


We help you to acquire unique, elegant, and memorable online identities that clearly express your mission, business, brand, and personality in the world of paint and coating. A great coating/paint keyword domain could be the perfect investment to get your business in the prime position to be seen by customers.


We want to grow and learn by connecting with the Maker Movement. These digital nomads, designers and craftsmen and woman, young or old are making coating the way they picture it. We provide them with a platform to showcase their ideas and products. We help them to “make” coating.

UPPERHEAD is an Independent Agency and E-Commerce/Domain Broker for the Coating Industry.

UPPERHEAD is an independent Coating Agency: we specialize in the great world of coating. Our main goal is making coating more accessible and/or interesting online and offline for the general public (consumers). We want to “make” coating, in all aspects, work for your clients and provide the best possible coating for their surfaces.

With over 25 years of field experience in the great world of coating we have an impressive rolodex of contacts and connections in the Benelux to match you with so you can launch your product or brand with great succes.

UPPERHEAD is a Domain Broker: for domain names and concepts that make all the difference. From generic, to brand new Top Level Domains (TLDs). We offer the coating & paint domain names everyone wants. You can either purchase a domain or combine our agencies knowledge to develop a brand.

UPPERHEAD is a Coating Maker: but not in a traditional sense. The coating maker movement is not (just) about literally making coating but about making coating work for you and your/our customers by doing so in the spirit of the maker culture.

UPPERHEAD name and concept

UPPERHEAD translates in dutch to “head of..” meaning leader, indian chief and/or someone with the highest rank. Or in our case, head of coating & paint! We match the brightest heads to surfaces and coating all over the world. Like a true chief, providing the best there is and making the best there is.

Our feather logo stands for diversity in colours and finishes, just like there are
countless bird species. The U stands for you, the coating maker; always in the center
of everything we do.

Erik Van der Schaaf

Business Motto: new, better, different

Key skills: proven creativity, strategic thinker, open-minded, self-starter, networker

My main goal: making coating more accessible and/or interesting

online and offline for the general public (consumers).

Chief of coating

So, now you’ve read about my business, it’s time to introduce myself: I am Erik van der Schaaf, UPPERHEADS chief of coating. I am a seasoned coating expert with a demonstrated history of working on innovation, sales and communication in B2C and B2B categories.

In my past and present work I have developed a great passion for all types of of coating (especially next generation) and I am highly motivated to create new perspectives (materials, services, products etc.) for our industry (B2B and B2C).

I come from a family with a long line of history in the paint and coating industry; from applying paint to selling it.

And coatings are becoming more interesting by the day!

I have started and sold multiple coating concepts and products. One of the latest is the founding of – The digital frontrunner of the coating industry.

In my over 25 years of experience in the international paint and coatings industry I have built up a worldwide network of relations that can immediately provide tangible added value for my relations.

Besides my work experience and broad network, my personal qualities also contribute  to stir up the world of coatings!  I am a strong conceptual thinker with a focus on creative impact and simplicity. I am open-minded, a networker and a strong believer in the maker industry: learning through doing in a social environment, motivated by fun and self-fulfillment.

Advisory board

Jacques van der Schaaf
Retired Director of Dijkstra verfwaren. Van der Schaaf sr. has been director of one of the largest paint wholesalers in the Netherlands for many years. His knowledge of paint and coating is unsurpassed and he knows the ins and outs of our industry like no other.
He was also a member of the VVVH.

Tsjip Boersma

After studying Business Administration at the University of Groningen, Tsjip worked for over 18 years in various Business, Financial, Marketing and Strategy roles at AkzoNobel. Currently Tsjip is self-employed and active in M&A advisory via Diligence and Takenaka Partners. Due to his hands-on mentality, knowledge and experience Tsjip is a seasoned deal maker and discussion partner. Tsjip has been helping start- and scale-ups, small- and mid-cap size companies and family-owned businesses with, amongst others, doing international business and business development. He likes to help entrepreneurs with change management, development and execution of growth strategies. Tsjip is also a registered MfN mediator for resolving business conflicts.