In its simplest definition, the Maker Culture is meant to reignite the artisan spirit. It pulls communities of any career or skill level into making coating with their very own hands, ideas or designs. These craftsmen and woman, young or old are making coating the way they picture it.


As an independent agency specializing in the great world of coating we are highly interested in the Maker Movement which can also be described as the Do-It-Yourself Culture (DIY Culture). It speaks to the very informal, highly networked, peer-lead movement of sharing skills.


Coatings that are designed and/or produced within the Maker Movement  have a focus on sustainable development and innovation. We provide Coating Makers with a platform to showcase their ideas and products. We help them to “make” coating.

UPPERHEAD is an online and offline platform where coating makers come together to achieve great things.

Join our tribe

Making coating (and paint) is in our blood and we would like to work together with you! Do you dare to join the maker movement?

Coating Makers Wanted

UPPERHEAD – Coating Maker: but not in a traditional sense. The Coating Maker Movement is not (just) about literally making coating but about making coating work for you and your/our customers by doing so in the spirit of the maker culture.

The Maker Movement is taking off worldwide. Created to address a need to get back to basic, to inspire and innovate, it is benefitting the world in many different ways. We give a platform to Coating Makers to showcase ideas, inspiration and design and help to connect you with experts, specialists and manufacturers in the coating industry.

Are you a Coating Maker? We are searching for B2C partnerships to match coatings and other layers like: paint, films, skins, finishes and stickers.