25 Years of Experience

Having over 25 years of experience in the coating industry and a strong presence in the domain name industry we humbly call ourselves a digital paint and coating chief. With our independent agency we want to “make” coating, in all aspects, work for your clients and provide the best possible coating for their surfaces.

Broad Network

Our rolodex and extensive digital database is filled with interesting contacts and connections in the Benelux. From coating experts to manufacturers and from painters to digital nomads: we want to connect you with the brightests minds of the coating industry. Develop your product, launch your brand and/or broaden your network by joining our agency.

Online & Offline

We strive to make coating more accessible and interesting online and offline for the general public and b2b. You can purchase or rent a premium domain from us and/or develop your product or brand with our help. Let us combine the best of both worlds in your favour!

UPPERHEAD strives to make coating more accessible and interesting online and offline for the general public and b2b.

Join our agency

Making coating (and paint) is in our blood and we would like to work together with you!  Join our agency today.

This is what our agency can do for you

Match you with interesting contacts in te Benelux:
With over 25 years of field experience in the great world of coating we have an impressive rolodex of contacts and connections in the Benelux to match you with to quick start your brand launch or to take your product to the next level.

Participating in developing your brand/product: do you want tailormade attention and a unique top level domain? Then UPPERHEAD is for you. Together with you we will participate in developing a top level domain from scratch to your wants and needs. We will not only provide you with data but also with our personal offline expertise in the world of coatings. We will orchestrate the entire process from launching the website to service the leads to you.

Help you purchase, acquire or rent a premium coating domain: we help you to acquire unique, elegant, and memorable online identities that clearly express your mission, business, brand, and personality in the world of paint and coating. A great coating/paint keyword domain could be the perfect investment to get your business in the prime position to be seen by customers.